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How to care the skin

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After a woman turns 25 she must learn how to care for the skin on her face. After twenty five the skin gradually starts to lose hydration and this affects the color, structure, oiliness and the appearance of some inflammatory elements. Once a certain age is reached, the skin stops producing as much collagen as it used it. Collagen is a protein which gives the skin volume and elasticity. When collagen fibers get destroyed, the […]

English manicure for long nails

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French manicure with short nails

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How to do a manicure at home

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When I teach women how to do manicure at home naturally, I always start with taking care of their skin. It should be obvious to everybody that the more you take care of the skin on your hands the easier the manicure process will be. That is why I recommend using the natural products for skin care. Let’s start by throwing out all the unnecessary stuff you have at home. Do you have 10 different […]

Tips for french manicure

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How to do a french tip manicure

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Easy french manicure at home

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Manicure and pedicure on pictures

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